Clients who work with Gauntlet can not only access a professional, slick and well-connected insurance service, but also call upon our in-depth expertise in risk management.   Gauntlet has its own internal team of risk managers, who work with a wide range of SMEs and businesses, from accountancy practices and marketing agencies, to golf clubs, manufacturers and construction contractors.

We dovetail our insurance and risk management services for good reason – to give you, the client, a ‘workplan’ that focuses on all your areas of risk and provides a step by step process through which you can mitigate or remove them.  Demonstrating to an insurer that you have such a plan of action in place instantly stands you in better stead than if you were blind to the risks, or unwilling to tackle areas of exposure.  As you work through your plan, your risk rating will naturally improve, enabling you to lower your premiums and reap the benefits of your efforts.  In this way, we have been able to save businesses thousands of pounds, as well as the hassle and downtime that can accompany an incident.

If you wish to know more about how your business could improve its risk rating, please contact 0113 244 8686

The Complete Risk Management Review

The Complete Risk Management Review

Our approach to risk management is as holistic as our approach to insurance, so we back up our Complete Insurance Review document with a Complete Risk Management Review tool....

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