Insurance scenarios for larger corporate clients can become very complicated, which is why large corporates turn to Gauntlet Group for assistance, including a valuable analysis of the exposures that could weaken their business, should the worst occur.

Gauntlet is an expert at explaining the exposures that exist within a business, with both clarity and innovative thinking, when presenting risks to insurers.  Our relationships with a large number of insurers, across the market, give us a head start when it comes to not just knowing where to place a risk, but also how to present it and interpret it, for the insurer’s benefit.  This, in turn, typically leads to either lower premiums, or a higher level of protection, for our clients.

Our dedicated account managers do not work for clients, but with them, to partner in a process that strengthens and supports the corporate business, through the provision of comprehensive protection, robust risk management and holistic health and safety systems and procedures.

If you wish to discover what our expertise and leverage could do for your corporate business, please contact us on 0113 244 8686.