Gauntlet’s New Offices And Brand Identity Signal Intent For Further Growth

Commercial insurance broker and risk manager, Gauntlet Group, has responded to its impressive growth by purchasing new offices and relocating for the first time in its 20-year history, as well as rebranding the business with a new corporate identity and a suite of logos.

The Leeds-based broker has increased its footprint by 1250sq feet in its new offices at Gauntlet House, on the Acorn Business Park in Killingbeck, Leeds. The move is underpinned by a response to increased demand for its services, but also due to its rapidly growing network of Appointed Representatives, which is supported by a back office team at Gauntlet head office. 

As well as having more support staff for the AR network, Gauntlet has recruited a new team of haulage and fleet insurance specialists, a marketing manager and risk management professionals.  Its new offices offer substantial scope for further growth, due to careful planning and management of the space available and an investment of nearly £150,000.  

As part of this, Gauntlet House has been created as an environment centred on motivation, teamwork and success.  The commercial broker has taken its paperless ethos to the next level, by purchasing desks with only small drawers and placing furniture to a plan that enhances communication flow.  It has a vibrant colour scheme, full of warm and red tones that exude confidence and empowerment and has re-worked lighting, which creates zones for relaxation, as well as formal and functional working. 

The office plan has a variety of new breakout areas for informal meetings, as well as glass-enclosed offices for management meetings.  Gauntlet has always had many insurer visits, due to its high level of activity in the insurance market, but expects this to increase. Visiting insurers will find a good supply of parking spaces on site and advanced technology to back their presentations. 

Two walls in Gauntlet House carry huge images that symbolise drive, achievement and going the extra mile for customers.  Employees are encouraged to cycle or jog to work thanks to the fitting of a shower room and have a well-equipped kitchen and dining area for their refreshments and lunch. 

Gauntlet House also offers views of woodland and is located next to a park in which team members can walk a footpath, or spend time around an attractive pond area, in their lunch break. 

Gauntlet’s managing director, Roger Gaunt, says: “Our first 20 years were spent in a rented building, which was very traditional and rather limiting in its design.  It is great to now be able to invest in our own property and create a workplace tailor-made to suit our requirements.

 “I am proud of the fresh buzz we have created within the business, at a time when recruitment is at an all-time high and at which we have stretching plans for further, sustained growth.  We now have the ideal space in which to grow, achieve and motivate everyone connected with Gauntlet.” 

New corporate websites will now be built to reflect Gauntlet’s new branding and identity and additional services and brand divisions will be added and created.  In the meantime, insurers wishing to visit Gauntlet’s new offices can contact Roger on 0113 244 8686 to fix a date.