Manufacturing Deaths Show Health & Safety Needs to Improve

The manufacturing sector has a rate of fatal injury 1.5 to 2 times the average across all industries and recent cases demonstrate why manufacturers need to implement robust risk management, if they are to keep workers and contractors safe, whilst also avoiding fines and possible imprisonment for negligence.

A death at a Müllers site in Market Drayton is just one of many within the manufacturing sector, which saw 26 deaths in total in 2018-19. One area of particular concern is falls from height, whilst deaths and injuries due to getting trapped or caught up in machinery also pepper the statistics.

Kerry Ingredients picked up a £180,000 fine when a worker lost fingers seeking to clear a blockage in a collection hopper. The worker slipped on a ladder and reached out to regain balance, catching his fingers in a rotary valve. Fines were imposed because of non-compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, with risk assessments for hopper clearing or working close to machinery with moving parts being non-existent. Training was also deemed inadequate.  The employer not only had to pay he six-figure fine, but also pay costs of £4627.64.

Robust risk management can not only keep your workers safe but also help reduce your insurance premiums. Training is one key aspect of risk management and Gauntlet has highly affordable online e-learning materials covering areas such as working from height, slips and trips, machinery safety and electrical safety. Browsing through some of the options here, could help you train staff within your manufacturing business in some key aspects of health and safety.

Gauntlet can also assist with your risk assessments and health and safety documentation and reporting systems. If you need help, so as not to become the next statistic, please call us on 0113 244 8686.