Our approach to risk management is as holistic as our approach to insurance, so we back up our Complete Insurance Review document with a Complete Risk Management Review tool.

Assisted by your risk manager, or account manager, you can work your way through this review, at the start of your relationship with Gauntlet, and assess whether you have any of the areas of risk that can typically exist within an SME or larger corporate business.  You can also use the same tool when it comes to renewal time, to ensure that nothing has changed, prior to the presentation of your risk to an insurer.

This tool demonstrates our commitment to fact-finding, not for the fun of it, but to utilise real-time information in such a way that it forms the basis of our risk management and insurance strategies, with the overriding objective of making your business safer and more secure, whilst also saving it tangible sums.

If you wish to find out more about how this process works, please call 0113 244 8686.